Customer Reviews

If I could I would definitely give this guy more than 5 stars. He truly deserves this. He is an amazing contractor who can handle both big commercial electrical installation projects and minor repair work. I will definitely keep using his help in the future. Keep up the excellent work!

Dustin H.

I wanted to recommend this local electrical service provider to anyone in the area. This guy always takes the time to explain to everything you want to know about the repair work he is performing and never makes compromises with the quality he delivers. I have used his assistance a couple of times and every single time, he has managed to exceed my expectations. Great guy! Very professional and friendly.

Isaac A.

This is definitely one of the best professionals I`ve dealt with. Their customer service is really adequate and the technicians were fast on the spot. The socket I needed replaced was done in a matter of minutes and with a better, safer one too. I would absolutely recommend them!

Sidney F.

I used this electrician's assistance during my remodeling project. He was very upfront and explain everything I wanted to know about the electrical remodeling job. Some switches were replaced and appliances property connected to the system. The results are remarkable. Everything working efficiently and properly.

Leticia D.

I was very happy with the men from Alderman Electrical Company LLC. They remained professional even under extreme circumstances. They were respectful and courteous even when my ignorance was apparent. I appreciate their hard work.

Dennis E.

I had the pleasure of working with Alderman Electrical Company LLC three times already, every time the appointment time was met as scheduled and the price was really affordable. I can definitely recommend Alderman Electrical Company LLC for any electrical work you might have and can say that you`ll be happy you did business with them.

Maria R.